Introducing the NterOne Learning Management System!

NterOne introduces it's new LMS (Learning Management System)

For Training Managers, this product will help manage students by completing the following tasks using an intuitive single panel dashboard:

  • Assigning Students New Training Materials
  • Releasing Training Materials Automatically on Predefined Schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Removing Existing Training Materials
  • Allowing Students to View All Training Materials at Once
  • Limiting Access to Training Materials Until Certain Exam Scores or Other Criteria are Met
  • Exporting a Student’s Progress into an Excel or CSV Spreadsheet
  • Viewing Each Student’s Progress
  • Sending Messages to All or Individual Students
  • Much More

Another great feature for Training Managers is that the following types of training materials can be assigned to students:

  • Videos
  • Exams
  • Links to Outside Reading Materials on the Internet or Intranet
  • Forms
  • PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Certificates of Completion

In addition to making it easy to administer training programs, this product is a huge time saver for Training Managers.  This is because this LMS allows the student to view their own progress without having to call each time they want an update.  Using a student intuitive single panel dashboard, students can:

  • See and Complete All the Training Materials Assigned to Them
  • Repeat Any Training Materials Already Completed
  • See Their Progress on What Has Been Completed and What Still Needs to be Completed
  • View the History of Their Exam Scores

For Training Managers, this new LMS will provide the tools needed to allow more time to develop and manage training programs.  This reduces the amount of time wasted on low-level administrative tasks.  The NterOne LMS can also promote a professional image for a training organization or department.

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