NterOne ClearConnect

NterOne ClearConnect

Welcome to the future of training with NterOne’s ClearConnect!!

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NterOne’s proprietary virtual data center allows you to pick up, rack, and cable equipment just like you would in the real world.  This exciting new experience is combined with lectures and labs for a whole new way to train live online.

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Customer Use Cases:

  • End-customers that are looking for hands-on experience prior to an order arriving
  • Channel partners that need hands-on experience prior to a customer installation
  • Hands-on experience with equipment engineers have worked on but never been in physical contact with to further their knowledge
  • Service providers that need to quickly ramp engineers & technicians to roll-out large customer installs
  • Large enterprise organizations or business units that need to quickly ramp engineers & technicians to roll-out new products
  • Test drives and POVs

If you have any questions or would like to discuss customizing a solution for your training needs, please contact your account manager or email Sales@NterOne.com.